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Indian Pediatrics November 1977; Volume 14: Number 11

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Editorial:    Psycho-social aspects of the care of the juvenile diabetic                   869
Sarla Vaishnav

Pediatrics and problems of child health care in Mongolia                              871
Ja Radnaabazar

Pediatricians’ role in family health in a developed country                                     875
Stig Sjolin

Rheumatic Nodules                                                                                            879
Rajat K. Mahapatra, Jai B. Agarwal and Sujay B. Roy                                    

Long term follow up of steroid and cyclophosphamids therapy in nephrosis        885
Sacharita Ghose, Mohit Kumar Das, Bimal Kundu and Sadhan Bindal

Pain abdomen in children                                                                                  891
P. Mohan Das and L. Sulochana

Rectal bleeding in children                                                                               895
B.P. Kalani and K.C. Sogani

Intestinal parasitosis: its relation to diarrhoea in Indian Children                         899
Sushil Madan, S.P. Ghosal and P.C. Sen Gupta

Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in school children at Lucknow                              905
A.K. Rathi, S.K. Agarwal, M.K. Tulani and P.C. Bajpai

Bacteriuria in Neonates                                                                                     911
Kumud P. Mehta and MR Nair

Acid-base and blood gas equilibrium in acute lower respiratory tract infections of infancy and childhood          917
Vidya Bhushan and S. Gupta

Case Reports

Neonatal idiopathic gastric perforation                                                           923
A Kakkar, B.D. Diwedi and Vidya Bhushan

Benign stricture oesophagus                                                                            933
S. Mahindra, R. Daljit, N. Jamwal and V. Datar

Discontinuous counter current immunoelectrophoresis in haemophilus meningitis        937
Archana Ayyagari, R.V. Iyer, K.C. Agarwal and Lata Kumar

Fraser syndrome – A Case Report                                                                    943
Bilquis Begum, Vikram Banerjee, Ranbir Mukherjee and Bijon Chakraborty

Notes and News                                   945

Announcements                              947


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