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Indian Pediatrics June 1977; Volume 14: Number 6

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents


Editorial: Nutrition supplementary programme                     425

Evaluation of supplementary feeding programmes for preschool children                          427
Saroj Mehta, S.K. Gambhir, A. Bhandari and S. Kaur

Gaps in the understanding of parents about Preventive aspects of diseases and promotional aspects of health of hospitalized children                     433
V. Kumar, V. Damle, B.S. Rao, A. Sen and L. Kumar

Study of pediatric competent of general practice in Bhopal                                     439
P.I. Singh, S.S. Bhambal, N.R. Bhandari

 Immunization status of infants and preschool children belonging to urban and rural areas of Jammu (Kashmir)                       443
Dharam B. Sharma, U.C. Lahori and Ramesh C. Gupta

Fluid and electrolyte problems in acute gastroenteritis – correlation with Nutritional status                         449
V. Kumar, V. Murli Mohan and Lata Kumar

Australia Antigen (HBs Ag) in Thalassemia Children receiving multiple transfusions                       455
Kumud P. Mehta, H.L. Patil, S.M. Merchant, S.T. Babar, A.J. Baxi and J.P. Bapat

Efficacy of immunotherapy in nasobronchial allergies in children as Judged by mucosal sensitivity tests                        461
Lata Kumar

Serum and cerebrospinal fluid Magnesium – a prognostic index in tubercular meningitis            467
A.J. Ahmad, S.H. Ahmad and Zeenat Ansari

Kala Azar in Madras City                                                 471

B.R. Santhanakrishnan, A. Ramachandran and V.B. Raju Proptosis in children              475
S.P. Dhir, I.S. Jain and G.C. Jain

Vanpar suspension in ascariasis and Oxyuriasis in children                   479
P. Chaturvedi

Practitioners’ column                                  

Convulsions in Children                                       481
Vidya Bhushan

Autoerythrocyte sensitisation in a young girl – (a case report)         487
Sudhir Jain, K.N. Khanna and K.C. Das

Downs syndrome in one of the twins – (Case report)                            489
Gulab Rani and Kusuma Kumari

Hand foot syndrome in sickle cell anaemia                                              491
P. Chaturvedi

“Anhidrotic ectodermal Dysplasia with VSD” – a case report                          495
G.B.S. Rayudu

Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome in two related children                                      497
Dharam B. Sharma, Col. M.L. Magotra, U.C. Lahori, R.C. Gupta and S.P. Sharma

Notes and News                                      501



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