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Indian Pediatrics July 1977; Volume 14: Number 7

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents


Editorial: Research in post graduate pediatric education                        503
K.K. Kaul

Lactic acid levels in cerebro-spinal fluid in various meningitides in infancy and childhood        595
P.C. Gandhi, M.A. Khan, P.S. Mathur and Vijay Singh

Some aspects of infant rearing practices and beliefs in the urban and rural areas of Jammu (Kashmir)  511
Dharam B. Sharma and UC Lahori

Epidemiological investigations of measles – an outbreak in Ajivali                         519
S.R. Salunke, Maya Natu

Efficacy of oral poliovaccine in infancy                                     523
N.S. Pangi, J.M. Master and K.H. Dave

Alterations in biochemical parameters in nephrotic children with special emphasis on phospholipids   519
A Taneja and I.B. Bhatt

Factors affecting efficacy of B.C.G. vaccination                           535
P. Chandra and K.T. Harilal

A study of some maternal factors associated with twinning                            539
J.N. Bhalla, M. Bhalla and J.R. Srivastava

Staphylococcal lung infection in children                                             545
M.S. Krishna Das, D.K. Guha and K. Geeta

Serum magnesium in neonates                           549
S.M. Sapatnekar, Maya Natu and S.R. Joglekar

Toxic dilatation of colon in infants and young children                              551
S. Mehta, S.K. Mitra, S.K. Mehta, B. Moorty, V.V. Joshi and I.C. Pathak

Review article:

Nutrition programmes in India                                         555
Shanti Ghosh

Practitioner’s column:

Congestive heart failure in children                                     559
Anita Khalil

Portal hypertension – a complication of hydatid cyst of liver – (a case report)   567
Bakul I. Dalal, C.L. Gupta and V.V. Joshi

Giant Ectopic ureterocele – (a case report)                                         569
Sarinder Man Singh, J.S. Virdi and S.N. Wadhwa

Congenital goitrous hypothyroidism due to organification defect -  (a case report)            573
Anoop Kapoor, M. Godbole, S. Chauhan, B.K. Ghosh and Bhaskar Rao

Congenital lumbar hernia                                                  577
P. Parekh, B.R. Parekh and S.D. Singh

Annoucement                                             579

Book Review                                                 581



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