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Indian Pediatrics January 1977; Volume 14: Number 1

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G. Srivastava and N.K. Anand

Table of Contents


Editorial – Current priorities in Child Health                                  1

Presidential Address                                              5
Shanti Ghosh

Dr. S.C. Sheth Oration                                   11
B.N. Sinha

Peripheral intravenous alimentation of the low birth weight babies                           19
Arun Rashmi Guha, D.K. Guha and Promila Khanna

Serological studies in acute viral encephalitis                                  25
Lavanya Mukherjee, K. Venu, M. Nagaraj Rao and Radha Bhaskar

Clinical study of complications of whooping cough in hospitalized cases                       29
R.N. Singh, S.P. Chaudhary and P. Moondra

Impact of social class on intelligence                                      35
D.C. Dhingra, M.V. Singh, S. Gupta and N.K. Anand

Postnatal weight loss in the first 72 hours          41
S. Jayaram Das, L.V. Devarajan, P.S.S. Rao and M. Jadhav

A clinical study of severe form of acute of acute poliomyelitis in children                 47
H. Sehgal and M. Oberoi

The second heart sound in secundum atrial septal defect a Phonocardiographic study with haemodynamic correlations                         55
Jayashree Kidad, G. Vijayaraghavan, M. Durairaj, I.P. Sukumar and George Cherian

Clinico-Pathological Confoerence-Marasmic Kwashiorkor with Hepatomegaly and respiratory distress           61
Anil Narang and V.V. Joshi

Practitioners’ Column – Immunization in Children                          65
P. Choudhury

Cellmediated immune-deficiency with normal immunoglobulins (Nezelof’s syndrome) with progressive vaccinia – case report                           69
Lata Kumar, Nasyam Mohammad Abdul Salam, Usha Datta and B.N.S. Walia

Peritonitis with roundworms in the peritoneal cavity – case report                    73
Harish Mazumdar and Sunita Sardessai

Poliomyelitis in early infancy – case report                                                            77
D.S. Choudhury, S.N. Ray, R.R. Arora, V.V. Gujaral, S.C. Khandpur, A. Das,
D. Sharma, S. Gangrade, S.P. Gupta and B.S. Misra

Pancreatitis in children associated with roundworms – case report                           81
S. Das

Lateral nasal proboscis – case report                                          85
S. Mahindra, R. Daljit and M. Mathew

Sjogren – Iarson syndrome – case report                                               89
P.P. Maiya

Notes and News                                                  92



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