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Indian Pediatrics December 1977; Volume 14: Number 12

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Editorial: The high risk perinate                            949
Meharban Singh

A study of preterm babies                                          951
J.N. Bhalla, M. Bhalla, D. Kumar, D. Mehrotra and J.R. Srivastava

Continuing education in Pediatrics: Experience from and needs of developed Countries  959
Stig Sjolin

Scalar electrocardiographic and haemodynamic correlation in isolated Pulmonary valvar stenosis     963
N.K. Balaji, I.P. Sukumar, G. Vijaya Raghavan, M. Durairaj and George Cherian

Evaluation of diagnostic criteria in tuberculous meningitis in children, Including the haemagglutination test on the cerebrospinal fluid                                              967
S. Sinclair, V.S. Prabhamani, Shriniwas and O.P. Ghai

Infant growth survey at Agra: Experiences and shortcomings                                                     973
R.S. Dayal, Ramesh Kumar and K. Kalra

Infant growth survey at Agra: An anthropometric profile                                      979
R.S. Dayal, Ramesh Kumar and K. Kalra

Serum zinc in childhood pulmonary tuberculosis                                        987
B. Sharda and B. Bhandari

Hepatic Hydatid disease in children                                  989
C.N. Prasad, S.K. Mitra, K. Yadav and I.C. Pathak

Evaluation of B.C.G. test in childhood tuberculosis                                993
D.K. Shrivastava, A.G. Shingwekar, Y.P. Thawrani and A.K. Choudhary

Study of Bacteriuri in nephrotic syndrome in children                                             999
Krishna Kumar and S. Vaishnava

Review Article

Milk allergy   1003
S.K. Aggarwal and K. Saha                                                                                                         

Practioner Column        

Shock       1007
Manju Sharma

Congenital multifacial deformity: A Case Reports                           1011
P.L. Bafna and N.K. Jain

Juvenile aponeurotic fibroma                                                       1013
K.D. Gaikawad, A.G. Bhavathankar and S.M. Joshi

Naevus unius lateris                                         1015
Major V. Vatwani

Klippel trenaunay weber syndrome                                        1019
B. Kumar, S. Kaur, G.S. Lamba and A. Narang

Epidermolysis bullosum                                              1023
D.P. Karmarkar and Mrudul Jamsandekar

Letter to the Editor                                             1029

Pediatric Training                    1031

Subject Index           1035

Author Index


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