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Indian Pediatrics March 1976; Volume 13: Number 3

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents


Editorial                                                                     163

Importance of National Medical Library for Medical Information retrieval                     165
N.D. Datta Banik

A Control study of Socio-Culturally determined child feeding habits in relation to protein calorie malnutrition              169
K.R. Prasad and L.M. Nath

Pattern of sugar intolerance in children following chronic or recurrent diarrhoea (a preliminary report)177
Premchander K.V., Sundaravalli, N., Panchatcharam M, Ranganathan G,  Moses LG, Balagopal Raju V.

Fertility and Child Survival                               187
S. Gupta & P. Choudhury

Physical growth during adolescence in Delhi School Children                         191
A.M. Tripathi, D.K. Agarwal, S. Sen and K.N. Agarwal

Evaluation of Hand and Foot Ossification Centres for assessment of bone Age                         201
S.C. Dhameja, K.N. Agarwal, S.K. Gupta and G.P. Katiyar

Physical growth of preschool children                               209
S. Dhamija, K.N. Agarwal, G.P. Katiyar and A.M. Tripathi

Neuromuscular Development during infancy                                     219
G.P. Katiyar, S. Sen and K.N. Agarwal

Dermatoglyphics in Congenital Heart Diseases                                                   225
N.C. Chakravarti and
M.L. Magotra

Vivax cerebral Malaria in Jammu                                                   229
K.C. Verma and M.C. Magotra

Estimation of “Age” from the emergence of permanent teeth                           233
S. Kaul

Asplenia Syndrome – A study of Cardiac Anomalies in 10 cases                      237
M. Durairaji, A. Bakthaviziam, G. Vijayaraghavan, C.A. Jeyachandran, I.P. Sukumar and George Cherian

Craniopharyngioma in childhood                                         243
B. Parkash, P.N. Tandon, A.K. Banerji and R. Bhatia

The Coffin-Lowry Syndrome; A facio digital mental retardation syndrome – A case report                      247
R.H. Merchant

Gaucher’s disease in a child (a case report and review of the literature)         251
Col. M.L. Magotra, Maj. O.P. Katira, Maj. R.K. Gupta and Maj. A.N. Sarma

Monemelis with multiple congenital anamolies – a case report                         255
Jyoti Rege, Mrunal Kher, K.D. Sharma

Letter to Editor                                                  257

Importance of play as therapy in pediatrics   
Ajit Kumar

Recommendations of Directorate of National Malaria                              260

Eradication Programme



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