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Indian Pediatrics December 1976; Volume 13: Number 12

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents

Editorial: Tuberculosis in India                                      879

Problem of tuberculosis in children in India – (Epidemiology, morbidity, mortality and control programme)                          881
P.M. Udani, Usha S. Bhat, S.K. Bhave, S.G. Ezuthachan and V.V. Shetty

Alpha I – anti trypsin enzyme estimation in normal Indian Children – an unrecognized inherited disorder                    891
N. Kishore, R. Prasad, R.V. Sharma, R.S. Dayal and B.B. Sharma

Influence of severity of diarrhoea on carbohydrate intolerance in well Nourished infants            897
V. Kumar, R. Chandrasekaran and V. Damle

Cord blood serum proteins and their fractions as an index of neonatal maturity                     901
K.C. Verma, H.L. Gupta, P.S. Dhatt and Harjeet Singh

Placental protein free alpha amino nitrogen and nucleic acids in maternal under-nutrition           907
Subhadra Sen and K.N. Agarwal

Quick nutritional screening by midarm circumference or a bangle                        915
Shanti Ghosh, Mamohan and Tejaswini Yayathi

Anthropometric profile of the pre-school children of Punjab                                   919
P.A. Naik, T.E. Zopf, D.N. Kakar, Manjoo Singh and S.K. Sood

Immunization status in a rural community – a study of 360 families                         929
M.V. Joseph and N.C. Joy

Some aspects of family planning in a defined urban population of Jammu (Kashmir)               935
Dharam B. Sharma, M.L. Magotra and R.L. Wakhloo

Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung – a case report                               943
N.K. Patoria, S.G. Pimparkar, H.M. Siddiqui and K.D. Sharma

Ganser’s syndrome – a rare psychiatric disorder                                        947
Sarla Mathur, C.K. Rastogi, Y.D. Singh, R.N. Singh and G.P. Mathur

Schei’s syndrome – report in two siblings                                        949
V.M. Soodan and R.K. Goel

Neonatal ascites with valve in a female urethra (case report with short Review of literature)       953 
K.K. Mittal and J.S. Anand

Clinico-pathological conference                                                     957
Discussent – Kuldip K. Sachdev Pathological – K. Sagreiya

Brief communication:

Priapism in a child with chronic granulocytic leukemia                           961
C.S. Babel, K.C. Jain, Arun Mathur and N. Bhu


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