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Indian Pediatrics August 1976; Volume 13: Number 8

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents


Editorial                                                583

Acid-based status of full term normal, preterm and low birth weight  newborn infants                585
P.B. Shah and P.T. Acharya

Acid-base status of infants delivered by difficult obstetric procedures(Unphysiological deliveries)       593
P.T. Acharya and P.B. Shah

Electrolyte status of full term normal, preterm and low birth weight newborn infants                    597
P.B. Shah and P.T. Acharya

Electrolyte status of infants delivered by difficult obstetric procedures (Unphysiological deliveries)  605
P.T. Acharya and P.B. Shah

Tuberculin hypersensitivity before and after B.C.G. vaccination in Indian children or an urban community a pilot study                      609
I.C. Mohanty, K. Saha & S. Gupta

Factors influencing prognosis of tuberculous meningitis                        613
K.P. Dikshit and Surendra Singh

Milk protein requirements in protein-calorie malnutrition                                       619
S.M. Pereira, R. Sundraraj and Almas Begum

Thalassemia major with idiopathic hypertriglyceridemia (Type I)                      623
M.H. Seervai, S.M. Merchant and S.T. Babar

Dermatoglyphics in mental retardation                                          629
Y.R. Reddi, V. Sudhakar Rao and C. Kusuma Kumari

Nutritional status of school children a comparative study in two ethnic groups in Hyderabad city     635
C.H. Shyamalamba, M. Nagaraj Rao and G.P. Rao

Successful palliative balloon atrioseptostomy in an infant with complete transposition of great arteries (a case report)                  643
P.S. Bidwai, N.J. Singh, R.G. Singh, S. Mehta, H.N. Khattri and P.L. Wahi

Facial palsy (F.B. Ear)                                                  647
S. Mahindra, R. Daljit and N. Jamwal

Eosinophilic nephritis a case report                                             649
K. Indira Bai and V.N. Sastry

Cerebral cysticercosis a case report                                           653
K. Rajesekharan Nair, Virmala Virmani and Subimal Roy

Brief communication:

Chondroectodermal dysplasia (Ellis-van creveld syndrome)                       657
M. Madhavan, A.L. Aurora, P.N. Nayak and A.K. Bhattacharya


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