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Indian Pediatrics April 1976; Volume 13: Number 4

Editor: S. Gupta

Assistant Editors: G.
Srivastava And N.K. Anand

Table of Contents


Editorial: B.C.G. Vaccination                                                          261

Assessment of post vaccination allergy among babies vaccinated                            263
Narmada R, Shanmugasundaram R, Balagopal Raju V.

Transient sugar intolerance in diarrhoeas with special reference to diagnostic methods including chromatography A study on 152 cases of Refractory Diarrhoeas                                      267
M.V. Joseph

Assessment of fetal maturity by Farr’s criteria                                                                                   273
N.K. Anand, A. Godbole, P. Heera and S. Gupta

Effect of fetal maturity on perinatal deaths & neonatal morbidity                                           277
A Godbole, P. Heera, N.K. Anand and S. Gupta

Birth weight in relation to maternal nutrition                                          283
K. Ankegowda, M.S. Sumitra Devi

Low density lipoprotein levels in children with nephrotic syndrome                                      287
D.G. benakappa, A. Subba Rao and N.S.C. Sastry

Some Aetiological factors in Cerebral palsy in India                                  291
Pillo E. Bharucha, E.P. Bharucha

Assessment of safety of lomotil in infants                                    295
Sheila Karan, Vijaylakshmi and Lavanya Mukherjee

Some observations on alpha-Fetoprotein in foetal serum and liquor amnii                         301
Lala Surajnandan Prasad and S.K. Ganguly

Congenital absence of pulmonary valve with ventricular septal defect - A cause of neonatal heart failure                              305
Ram Gopal Singh, Anil Narang, S. Mahaptra, C.K. Banerjee and P.S. Bidwai

A Case report of complete heart block in a neonate diagnosed antenatally              309     
R. Sundaram and N. Edwin

Comptodactyly, Genital abnormalities and mental retardation in four Indian boys                                 311
G.I. Suliman, J. Insley, P.H.W. Rayner

Hepatotoxicity of Thiacetazone                                          315
B. Sharda and B. Bhandari

Cryptophthalmos – Syndactyly syndrome (case report)                                  317
RN Singh, SP Chaudhary, P. Moondra and R.s. Lodha

Appert’s Syndrome – A case report                                                     321
N.L. Sharma, Santosh Kumar Singh

Brief Communication: Nalidixic acid (Negram) Toxicity                                      325
L.G. Ramavat

Letter to Editor                                                    327



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