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Indian Pediatrics November 1975; Volume 12: Number 11

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents


Naraila: An experiment in undergraduate education                                1051
Seeta Sinclair and George Joseph

Pathology and pathogenesis of neonatal hepatitis and biliary atresia                                                    1057
Vijay V. Joshi

Determination of X and Y chromatin in amniotic fluid cells: Technical aspects                                   1063
Rose Joseph, Ishwar C. Verma and Kusum Verma

The impact of family size on child nutrition and health         1073
S.N. Mudkhedkar and P.M. Shah

Impact of nutrition on intelligence                                                                1079
S. Gupta, D.C. Dhingra, M.V. Singh and N.K. Anand

Primary school children in rural Punjab: Nutritional and anthropometric profile       1083
Prabhakar A. Naik, Thomas E. Zopf, Dwarkanth N. Kakar, Manjoo Singh and Sherpratap Sandhu

A study of behavioural growth during second year of life                                                             1097
L.S. Arya, P. Parekh, N.V. Patel and K.K. Kaul

Studies on kwashiorkor and marasmus in Calcutta (1957-74):             1103

I.                    Aetiological and clinical studies  
A.K. Bhattacharyya

Studies on kwashiorkor and marasmus in Calcutta (1957-74):    1125

II.                  Pathological, biochemical and metabolic studies
A.K. Bhattacharyya

Studies on kwashiorkor and marasmus in Calcutta (1957-74):       1125

III.                Therapeutic and follow-up studies
A.K. Bhattacharyya

Serum electrolyte studies in malnutrition                                1135
K. Kalra, V.P. Mital, R. Pal, R.K. Goyal and R.S. Dayal

A diagnostic study of 120 cases of nutritional rickets                 1141
S.H. Ahmed, S.N.A. Rizvi and Sarla Vaishnava

Nosocomial infections due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa           1149

Tuberculous and pyogenic meningitis: A diagosti dilemma           1153
Meenakshi N. Mehta, N.B. Kumta, K.C. Bhanu and D.H. Deshpande

Tuberculous meningitis: Review of 50 cases                    1161
D.G. Benakappa, S.K. Chandrasekhar, P. Chandrasekhar, M. Kakkur and M. Krishna Bhargava

Cerebrospinal fluid electrophoretic proteinograms in tuberculous and          1169
M.A. Phadke, S.V. Ashtekar, S.L. Kate, G.S. Sainani, M.V. Phadek and G.S. Mutalik

Some aspects of congenital syphilis               1173
Dharam B. Sharma, Amrit M. Berry and Shanti Ghosh

Pancreatitis in children                        1177
A Mohan Rao, S. Visalakshi, A. Kumar, P.B. Ganpule and A.G. Fletcher

Apertís syndrome : A Case report                       1186
K.C. Verma, V.M. Soodan and T.R. Amla                                              

Bullous urticarial pigmentosa : A Case Report                             1189
R.H. Merchant and Aruna Mehta

Book review: Pillala arogyasamrakshana: Heath care of children                    1192
V Sudhakar Rao

Mumps myocarditis with cardiac failure: preceding parotitis in two sisters                                         1193
Ghulam N. Aram, Abdul R. Ghani and R.N. Srivastava


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