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Indian Pediatrics May 1975; Volume 12: Number 5

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents

Pediatric surgery in India through the eyes of a foreign visitor                      371
U.G. Stau ff er

Natural Schick conversion in children in two areas of Calcutta                         375
A.K. Chakraborty, S.C. Roy and S.C. Seal

Prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders                                       381
I.C. Verma, Rose Joseph, Kusum Verma, Kamal Buckshee and O.P. Ghai

Treatment of meningococcal meningitis in children in Khartoum                                  387
Mohamed I. Ali Omer, Hassan O. Omer, Ali El Khidir and Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenese (G-6-PD) deficiency in the newborn                       393
Arvind Sharma, Harjit Singh, P.S. Dhatt, H.L. Gupta and R.K. Arya

Idiopathic stenosing aortitis        397
A.B. Desai, Shashi Vani and C.I. Jhala

Cerebronspinal fluid and blood sugar ratio in health and disease: Diagnostic and prognostic significance in intracranial infections                                401
V. Sudhankar Rao, Y.R. Reddi, J. Parthasaradhi and S. Laxman

Serum and urinary magnesium levels following major trauma and surgery in children          407
P.K. Purohit, B.P. Kalani and K.C. Sogani

Serum magnesium, copper and iron levels in infantile cirrhosis                          411
S.C. Vij and Abhilash Vij

Protein and free amino acids content of human milk                                   415
K.N. Agarwal, V. Khurana and Dev K. Agarwal

Some observations on infantile diarrhoeas                                              419
Primaljit Gill, Manmohan Singh and Paramjit Joshi

Tuberculosis in BCG vaccinated and unvaccinated children                            424
P. Chandra

Skeletal changes in leukemia in children                                      430
K.K. Khanna, H. Mazumdar, S.K. Ghosh and K.D. Zingde

Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis                                       434
S. Agarwal, M. Mathai and Z. Abraham

Thanatophoric dwarfism: Report of two cases                                           437
M. Madhavan, R. Prabhavati, P.N. Nayak, A.K. Bhattacharya and A.L. Aurora

Duplication of the jejunum causing volvulus                                                440
T.V. Madhusudhana Murty



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