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Indian Pediatrics January 1975; Volume 12: Number 1

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents

Forward                           3
B.D. Patel

Preface                                    5
P.M. Shah


Participants                                               7

Highlights of Bogota, Columbia (1970) and Paris meetings (1972)                            9
P.M. Shah

Socio-cultural and economic aspects of infant feeding                         13
Malini Karkal

Socio-cultural and economic aspects of infant feeding and malnutrition            20
A.S. Chikermane

Socio-cultural and economic aspects of infant feeding and malnutrition            22
P.R. Krishnaswamy

Some aspects of child feeding in low income groups in greater Bombay                      24
Mandakini Khandekar

Purchasing power-Probable role of industry                                      28

Infant feed substitutes in   India                                                 30
M.R. Chandrasekhara, G. G. Rama Rao and B.L. Amla

Infant food substitutes in India                                           36
V.N. Jai

A community role for processed foods                                                   38
D. Pillai

Nature of packaging and labeling                                                 43
M.M. Wagle

Role of pediatrician in foods industry                                         45
M.V. Phadke

The Role of pediatrician in infant foods industries                           47
P.M. Udani

Possibilities of small scale industries for nutrition substitutes – Village                      50
Level co-operatives: Milk dairies

G.K. Bokil

Small-scale industries for production of nutrition substitutes                                 52
H.S. Nayak

Recommendations                                                                           54


Participants                                     57

Inaugural remarks                                           58
S.M. Merchant

A Need to unify definition classification and grading of protein calorie Malnutrition                       59
P.M. Udani

Assessment of protein calorie malnutrition                                           60
O.P. Ghai

Magnitude of problem of severe malnutrition                                   62
P.M. Shah

Protein calorie malnutrition in the community                            63
O.P. Ghai

A. Relationship  of maternal malnutrition and marasmus in infants                          64
Kusum P. Shah and P.M. Shah

B. Iatrogenic and commerciogenic factors leading to marasmus                                  67
P.M. Shah

C. Urbanisation and malnutrition                                         69
P.M. Udani

D. Feeding Habits and Bedinsol practical Significance in villages: Impact of urbanization on feeding habits and beliefs                                70
Y.C. Mathur

Feeding habits and beliefs in causation of protein calorie malnutrition                       71
B.N.S. Walia

Feeding practices in relation to diarrhoea and malnutrition                          72
O.P. Ghai

Feeding habits in rural community, Palghar                                  73
P.M. Shah

Feeding practices and their effect on growth and development                   74
N.A. Mankodi

Early detection of malnutrition by using weight cards for Individual children                    75
W.A.M. Cutting

Quac-stick for detection of protein calorie malnutrition                             77
Y.K. Ambedkar and P.M. Shah

Mortality rate of kwashiorkor and marasmus in hospitals                              78
V. Reddy

Mortality of severe cases of protein calorie malnutrition in hospital                         79
O.P. Ghai

Mortality and relapse in malnutrition                                   80
A.S. Chikermane

The Recurrence of and mortality from protein calorie malnutrition after treatment                        82
W.A.M. Cutting and M.M. Cutting

Mortality from severe malnutrition in the rural community                         84
P.M. Shah

Development studies on kwashiorkor                               85
Usha Parekh

Effect of early marasmic malnutrition on subsequent mental development                 85
O.P. Ghai

Nutrition requirements of Indian children                                    87
P.R. Krishnaswamy

Nutrition rehabilitation centre  S.S.G. Hospital Baroda–A report of one year’s experience (1970)       89
A.S. Chikermane and A.J. Patel

The Impact of hospital and domiciliary nutrition rehabilitation on diet of the                 95

Child and other young children in the family and in neighbourhood Experience with weight charts at primary health centre                 101
Y.C. Mathur

Management of protein calorie malnutrition in urban and rural nutrition clinic                  102
Y.C. Mathur

Nutrition rehabilitation units                                      103
V. Reddy

Social and cultural aspects of malnutrition                                  105
A.S. Chikermane

Social, cultural and economic aspects of malnutrition                                 105
P.M. Shah

Assessment of applied nutrition programme in one block of an Indian State                        107
B.N.S. Walia

Planning of families and pre-school protection programme                 109
P. Cifrino

Involvement of nursing paramedical and social workers in combating Protein calorie malnutrition            111
W.D. Keller

Training programme for teachers                                   114
Vinodini Reddy 

Training in nutrition                                     115
S.M. Merchant

Suggestions and recommendation                       116


Participants                              119

Inaugural address     121
T. Pereira

The Under-Five’s Clinic at Block level                                              123
W.A.M. Cutting

Under-Five Clinic – Institute of Child Health, Hyderabad                       127
Y.C. Mathur

Promotion of adequate growth and continuous health care through Under Five’s clinics       131
P.M. Shah

Nutrition services through hospitals and primary health centres                           134
Vinnodini Reddy

Clinic network for preschool children and their mothers with special                 137

Reference to  cost
B.M. Laugesen



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