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Indian Pediatrics August 1975; Volume 12: Number 8

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents


Right atrial A wave in tetralogy of Fallot                                                615
S. Shrivastava, C.A. Nambiar and R. Tandon

Congenital cardiac malformations in the newborns:  A clinico-pathological study                            619
C.K. Banerjee, C.M. Mahajan, A. Narang and P.S. Bidwai

Mid-arm/head circumference ratio in the assessment of protein Calorie malnutrition    625     
R. Prasad, V. Gupta, Jwala Prasad and D.N. Pande

Free amino and nucleic acids changes in brain tissue of the preweanling  Malnourished rats        629
G.P. Katiyar, K.N. Agarwal and J. Nagchaudhuri

Urinary phenolic acids of normal neonates                                     635
A.S. Saini, R.K. Nagpaul and H.C. Mehta

Preliminary studies on ironkinetics in childhood                                             639
S. Gupta and K. Kalra, M.S. Yadav and B.N. Chaudhuri

Pulmonary function studies in normal children                                    647
A Chetty, O.P. Ghai and J.S. Guleria

Increasing incidence of leukemia in infancy and childhood: A real challenge                             653
V.K. Pratap, S.N. Singh, P.C. Jain and Sheila Singh

Viral hepatitis in children                                              659
V. Sudhakar Rao, Y.R. Reddi and K. Rohini

A study of low birth weight babies in a special care unit                                   665
J.N. Bhalla, Maya Bhalla and J.R. Srivastava                                      

Study of gastric smear examination as an index for detection of early Neonatal infection        673
Umesh Bihari Lall, Santosh K. Bhagava, K. Sagreiya, Arun Kumar, Sudershan Kumari and Shanti Ghosh

A study of patient-compliance in urban out-patient pediatric practice                     679
Y.P. Thawrani, B. Mukerji, R.K. Taluja and K.K. Kaul

Study of helminthiasis in children and evaluation of tetramisole In ascariasis                                 685
R. Narmada, D. Athinarayanan, and V. Balagopal Raju

Comparison of pyrantel and tetramisole in ascariasis                                         689
Sushama Sood, A.S. Kini and Jer Master

A retrospective study of infant mortality                                      693
V. Mohan, H.C. Singh, S. Singh and V.S. Joshi

Ellis-van Creveld syndrome (Chondro ectodermal dysplasia) Associated with single atrium       703
M. Durairaj, V. Dayasagar Rao, L.V. Devarajan, N.K. Balaji, M.V. Bharathi,
I.P. Sukumar and George Cherian

Craniostenosis                                                        709
B.D. Chaurasia and S.B. Gupta

Osteopetrosis with rickets: Report of two cases                                     715
N. Sundaravalli, G. Ranganathan, M.V.K. Shetty and V. Balagopal Raju

Pierre Robin syndrome with congenital hepatic fibrosis                              717
Jag Bhawan, Veena Chawla and S. Roy

Chyloperitoneum: A Case report                                                       721
Syed Ghulam Afzal, B.N. Shastri and B.S.R. Anjaneya Sarma

Parotid hemangioendothelioma: A case report                                       723
M. Nigam, S. Mukerjee and Probal Ghosh

Acute phenothiazine intoxication in children                                       725
Dharam B. Sharma and U.C. Lahori

Idiopathic pulmonary haemosiderosis: A case report                                     731
R.H. Merchant, S.M. Merchant and S.T. Babar


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