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Indian Pediatrics April 1975; Volume 12: Number 4

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents

Dr. Shantilal C. Sheth Guest Oration Delivered at the Academy of Pediatrics at Mumbai        285
Shri Vidtya Charan Shukla                                                                                                          

How to build up an intensive care unit                                     291
UG Stau ff er

Clinicopathological correlation of nephrotic syndrome in children                            295
V.K. Agarwal, S.C. Gupta and A.K. Nigam

Rubella and its prevention                                          299
William E. Rawla, Pradeep Seth

Modified scoring system for clinical assessment of gestational age in the newborn                          311
Meharban Singh, Kiran Razdan and O.P. Ghai

Incidence of hyperbilirubinemia in the newborn                                           317
S.P. Ghosal, Neille Dutta and D. Chatterjee

Clinical profile of intracranial space occupying lesions in children                               325
K.D. Mohanta and S. Rath

Personality characteristics of psychologically and physically disturbed children                 331
S.B. Singh, J.R. Srivastava, and Asha Nigam

Smallpox and BCG vaccination in the newborn: follow up study                                                   335
A.B. Desai and B.L. Kabra

Nutrition education through under fives’ clinics                                      339
S.N. Chaudhuri

Nutritional anemias in childhood (A decade of progress in India)                             343
A.M. Tripathi, B.D. Bhatia and K.N. Agarwal

Trichobezoar: A collective analysis of 39 cases from India with a case report                         351
M.M. Lal and  J.C. Dhall

Cystinosis: A case report                                                  355
N. Sundaravalli, G. Ranganathan, and V. Balagopal Raju

Von Gierke’s disease: A case report                                        359
N. Sundaravalli, G. Ranganathan, R. Sushila and V. Balagopal Raju

Down syndrome with eongenital duodenal stenosis and annular                             361

Pancreas presenting as hematemesis : A case report
R.T. Bajaj

Letters to Editor:

Enteric encephalopathy                                   365
Ravi Midha and Manmohan Singh

Anterior abdominal wall defects and E.M.G Syndrome                                 366
Ishwar C. Verma and Hira L. Goswami



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