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Indian Pediatrics January 1974; Volume 11: Number 1

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents

Presidential Address                                                                     

Perspectives in Pediatrics in India for the seventies                1
B.D. Patel

Tuberculosis of central nervous system Part II Clinical aspects                       7
P.M. Udani and Usha S. Bhat (Parekh)

Histopathological evolution of Indian childhood cirrhosis with emphasis on critieria of early diagnosis                                           19 
B.D. Patel, Saroj R. Parekh and A.R. Chitale

Some observations on the role of autoimmune and viral factors in the aetiopathogenesis of Indian childhood cirrhosis    29                                                                                   
I.C. Mohanty and S. Gupta

Acute fulminant hepatocellular failure in children       33
N. Sundaravalli, V.M.A. Sundaram, P. Ananthasubramanian and V. Balagopal Raju

Therapy of hepatic coma                            37
N. Sundaravalli and V. Balagopal Raju

Effect of Phenobarbitone on physiological jaundice                                         43
Meharban Singh and P. Narayanan

Mental retardation in children I an Etiological Study of 303 cases              47
Gertrude E. Joshua

Mental retardation in children II leucodystrophies                                                 53
Gertrude E. Joshua, M. Jadhav, A. Bhaktaviziam and S. Mokashi

Electrocardiographic observations in first three days after birth                                   61
V.K. Gandhi, S.J. Damany and Chandni I. Joshi

Biochemical prediction of foetal maturity                               65
Lala Surajnandan Prasad, K.P. Sinha, H. Mullick and Dilip Sen

Vital statistics, India: Report on causes of death, model, registration 1969              69
Seeta Sinclar

Dubin-Johnson syndrome (chronic idiopathic jaundice)                     75
R.T. Bajaj and Meena Desai

The Meckel syndrome                         79
Ishwar C. Verma, Asha R. Srivastava and D.K. Guha

Letters to Editor                                                                                              

Uncommon complications following chickenpox                            83
J.R. Srivastava, G.P. Mathur and C.P. Tiwari

Nosocomial infections                                           85
Y.R. Ramana Reddy, V. Sudhakar Rao and Y.R. Reddi



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