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Indian Pediatrics February 1974; Volume 11: Number 2

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents


The first decade of pediatric surgical training in India                                             89
P. Upadhyaya

Physical growth at adolescence                                                        93
K.N. Agarwal, S. Sen, A.M. Tripathi and G.P. Katiyar

Physical growth characteristics in relation to sexual growth                                            99
K.N. Agarwal, S. Sen, A.M. Tripathi and G.P. Katiyar

Effect of hexachlorophene medicated soap on bacterial colonization rates in the new born       107
S.K. Giri, Meharban Singh and R.A. Bhujwala

Evaluation of techniques employed in the bacteriological diagnosis  of pneumonia           111
S. Bajaj, K.R. Jagdish, R. Chowdhary and S. Vaishnava

Recurrent abdominal pain in children                                                    115
S. Gupta, H.C. Agarwal, O.P. Bhardwaj and J.P. Gupta

Acute intestinal obstruction in childhood                                            123
Uma A. Pandit, B.P. Das and I.C. Pathak

Spinal cord compression in childhood                                                   129
D. Raja Reddy, G. Purshowtham Rao, B. Dayanand Rao and M.V. Subrahmanian

Breast feeding and weaning practices in an urban population                                                                    133
B.N.S. Walia, S.K. Gambhir and Usha Bhatia

UNICEF in India                                                              139
Seeta Sinclair

Craniometaphyseal dysplasia: A case report                                                     145
Mary Thomas and M.D. Shah

Congenital nephrotic syndrome: A case report                                            149
K. Rajamma, D. Balasundaram, B. Narayana Rao



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