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Indian Pediatrics December 1974; Volume 11: Number 12

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents


Cyclophosphamide therapy in the management of nephrotic syndrome                                        767
R.N. Srivastava, G. Mayekar, Rama Anand, V.P. Choudhry and O.P. Ghai

Serum levels of Iron, Folic acid and Vitamin B12 in the maternal and Cord blood in the three major ethnic groups in Malaysia                              775
S.S. Sindhu

Anterior abdominal wall defects                                           781
I.C. Pathak, N.N. Rao and S. Mitra

A clinical study of bronchial asthma in children        789
Indu Wakhlu and N.L. Sharma

Staphylococcal lung disease in children                                            793
Lata Kumar, Vijay Kumar, S.K. Mitra and I.C. Pathak

Role of zinc in foetal nutrition                                                       799
L.S.N. Prasad, S.K. Ganguly and K. Vasukhi

Foetal growth as assessed by anthropemetric measurements                                           803
Prema Lakshminarayana, S. Nagasamy and V. Balagopala Raju

Weight and height percentiles for school children                                              811
A.M. Tripathi, S. Sen, K.N. Agarwal and G.P. Katiyar

Associated pyogenic infections in neonatal tetanus                                                    817
Manmohan Singh and Primaljit Gill

Pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy with tricuspid atresia an Unusual association                       821
S. Shrivastava and R. Tandon

Thanatophoric dwarfism A case report                                    825
N.S. Tibrewala, S.R. Engineer and P.M. Pai

Hydroxyprolinemia A case report                                       829
B.S. Sridhara Rama Rao, M.N. Subhash and H.S. narayanan

Letters to the editor

Neonatal Myasthenia Gravis                                 831
Meharban Singh

Priorities in Immunization                                          832
Vipul N. Mankad


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