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Indian Pediatrics April 1974; Volume 11: Number 4

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents

A preliminary report on polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic studies  of cerebrospinal fluid in children with some common neurological Disorders                                                     253
J.K. Kamath, A.J. Baxi, P.M. Patwardhan and S.M. Merchant

Evaluation of additional criteria for exchange transfusion in the newborn                                           261
Meharban Singh, D.P. Patra, K. Vasuki, V. Seth and O.P. Ghai

Measles a dangerous disease: A study of 1000 cases in Madurai                                                               267
K.A. Krishnamurthy and V. Anantharaman

Clinical profile of bronchial asthma in children living in and around Chandigarh                    273
Lata Kumar, A.S. Patil and B.N.S. Walia

Acute bronchiolitis and subsequent wheezing                                              277
A.M. Jain and A.S. Sethi

The nutrition rehabilitation unit at Erskine Hospital, Madurai                                  281
P. Chandra, K.A. Krishnamoorthy and G. Venkataswamy

A weight chart and weighing scale for nutrition surveys and grading Of malnutrition in clinics      285
B.M. Laugesen

Treatment of pulmonary Tuberculosis in children – A controlled study                                                 289
H.B. Dingley and K.L. Sehgal

Survey of the handicapped children in Berhampur town and its suburbs with special reference to their problems                                                  297
Rabi Kumar Satapathy

Analysis of patients admitted to pediatric unit of a general hospital                                                       301
Kamal Lotlihkar, Pravina Kandoth, Mahroukh Joshi and M. Bhagat

Management of an abdominal mass in infants under one year of age                                                    309
M. Rohatgi and R.K. Kashyap

Pathogenesis and treatment of bronchiolitis              315
Anbu Chetty

Cutis Laxa – report of a case                                           319
Primaljit Giri and Paramjit Toor

Ehlers- Danlos syndrome detected in newborn: A case report                                                                   323
J.H. Jammihal, Kasturilal and M.R. Tanga

Leber’s disease                                              327
G.B.S. Rayudu and Dharam Pal

Letters to Editor

Screening for phenylketonuria in mental retardates in Hyderabad Using Guthrice test                  331
D. Sharada and Hanmanlu Polasa

Growth standards for Indian children                                                           332
K.N. Agarwal
Subhadra Sen



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