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Indian Pediatrics September 1973; Volume 10: Number 9

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents



Health care of school children                                                521
Shanta Kurup

Original Articles:

Cima in childhood                                               523
Piloo E. Bharucha and E.P. Bharucha

An evaluation of scoring system in the assessment of gestational age of the newborn at birth              531
A.G. Shingwekar, P. Parekh and K.K. Kaul

Survey of X-chromatin aberration in newborn babies in Delhi                                                                   537
Ishwar C. Verma, Balraj Bawa, O.P. Ghai and D.K. Guha

Effect of maternal nutrition supplementation on the birth weight of the newborn                               541
Saleha Qureshi, N. Prahlad Rao, V. Madhavi, Y.C. Mathur and Y.R. Reddi             

Perinatal mortality: A Hospital study                     545
P.K. Mishra, PCc. Bajpai, T.K. Tripathi, R. Gupta and D. Kutty

An outbreak of necrotizing enterocolitis in a special care newborn nursery                                        551
Santosh K. Bhargava, S.K. Mittal, H.M.K. Saxena and K. Sagreiya

Dysplasia Epiphysialis multiplex                                      555
Man Mohan, Ishwar Sahai and Santosh K. Bhargava

Glycogen storage disease (von Gierke’s type)                                    559
A.M. Tripathi, S.M. Dubey and G.P. Katiyar

A note on PAM – an antidote for organophosphorus insecticide poisoning                                         563
M.S. Akhter and N.K. Bhide

Letters to Editor:

Hartnup disease                           565
K.P.B. Nair and B.S.S. Rao                                           

Smallpox vaccination in newborn                       565
Meenakshi N. Mehta



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