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Indian Pediatrics October 1973; Volume 10: Number 10

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial:

New types of health professionals for developing and developed countries                                      567
Henry K. Silver

Challenge in the diagnosis of rheumatic activity                                           571
Sujoy B. Roy

Original articles

Genetic and diagnostic aspects of shortness of stature                   577
R.S. Wadia, D.S. Shirole and N. Deshpande

Constrictive pericarditis in children                                            585
S. Shrivastava, S. Prusty and R. Tandon

Vitamin A deficiency in nephrotic syndrome                                               593
B.R. Santhanakrishnan, Radhakrishna Baliga, R.D. Premila and V.B. Raju

Rectal pressure in children with prolapse rectum                  595
B.N. Jha, Om Prakash, D.K. Choudhary and P.B. Prasad               

Tropical pulmonary eosinophilia in children                      599
M.L. Mangotra, A.S. Narayanswamy and J.L. Seth

Development of rectal bacterial flora in neonates during first seven days of life               603
G.P. Mathur, R. Kumar, D.P. Arora, K. Saxena, S. Mohsin and Sarla Mathur

A study of tetanus neonatorum with special reference to effect of corticosteroid therapy         607
N.R. Bhandari, K.M. Belapurkar, D.K. Srivastava

Cerebral angiography in tuberculous meningitis                                613
P.K. Misra; M.P. Agarwal, N.L. Sharma, D.K. Chhabra and V.S. Dave

Duplication of Ileum: A case report                                    619
J.C. Dhall, G.S. Sekhon, M.M. Lal and U. Dhall

Hepatoblastoma: Pathological studies in a case                                                             621
Mukta S. Kherdekar, Mrinalin M. Kher and K.D. Sharma

Pediatric education in South East Asias: Pediatric curriculum in Balgladesh.                                        625
Badrul Alam

The Undergraduate Pediatric Training Program in Thailand               626

Undergraduate Pediatric Education at the Medical School, University of Indonesia, Jakarta        627

S.H. Pudiadi                                                                       

Letters to Editor:

Smallpox vaccination in newborn                            629
A.B. Desai


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