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Indian Pediatrics November 1973; Volume 10: Number 11

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents



Hospital care of children – Need to widen our horizon                         631
O.P. Ghai and R.N. Srivastava

Children with recurrent infections – The role of immunodeficiency                                                       633
R.K. Chandra

Original articles

Maternal health, child health and family planning – A plea for Integrated approach                      637
S.H. Ahmad, Santosh K. Bhargava, C. Ramanujacharyulu, V. Hooja, Shanti Ghosh and I.M. Moriyama

Tuberculosis of central nervous system Part I – Incidence and classification                                       647
P.M. Udani, Usha S. Bhat nee (Parekh) and Darab K. Dastur

Nutritional growth failure and mental development                     657
Usha S. Bhat (Parekh), P.M. Udani, B.P. Shah, P.A. Naik and S.G. Ezhuthanchan

Bone growth in protein calorie malnutrition                  661
S. Thirupuram, G. Srivastava and S. Gupta

Fontanels: Range of normal size                      667
K. Indira Bai, M.V.G. Subrahmanyam and K.V. Subba Rao

A study of Down’s syndrome in coastal Andhra Pradesh             671
K. Srinivas Rao, N. Satyanarayana and D. Sarvalakshmi

Jonit in the treatment of hymenolepiasis: A new drug by cyclic regimen                                              675
B. Bhandari, R. Upadhyay; L.N. Shrimali and S.S. Agarwal                           

Recurrent neonatal apnea                          679
S.K. Giri and Meharban Singh

Post traumatic pancreatic pseudocyst – A case report                 683
K. Indira Bai, K. Veerabhadraiah, M.V.G. Subramanyam and K.V. Subba Rau

Prune-belly syndrome: A case report                                       685
H.L. Chopra, S.D. Khanna, S.P. Pandove and Sham Lal


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