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Indian Pediatrics June 1973; Volume 10: Number 6

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents



Child health cooperatives                                                         345
A.S. Chikermane

Original Articles:

Nutrition education – or education in child care?                            347
J.P. Greaves

Resuscitation of the newborn                                                                                 351
Shanti Ghosh, Sudershan Kumari

Fetal age and neurological behavior                                                           357
S. Balakrishnan and R.K. Puri

Fetal age and anthropometric parameters                              365
S. Balakrishnan and R.K. Puri

Isoniazid inactivation in Indian children                     375
Meena Desai, Geeta Jariwala, Bharati Khokhani, N.K. Desai and U.K. Sheth

Reye’s syndrome: Clinical course and follow up of survivors                  377
R. Chandrasekaran, Vijay Kumar, C. Banerjee, B.N.S. Walia, and A.G. Bhagwat

Hemoglobin-M Disease                               383
R.T. Bajaj, R.M. Malik, Meena Desai, P.K. Sukumaran

Infant growth in urban and rural Maharashtra                     387
M.V. Phadke and Chitra Limaye

Smallpox in the newborn – A case report                                             391
S.K. Giri and Meharban Singh

Letters to Editor:

Sydenham’s chorea with polyarthritis                                393
Darshan Lal

Health planning for children                    393
J.R. Bhatia

Role of pediatrician in primary health centre                                395
Subhash C. Sood

National rural health service scheme                                396
P. Tirumalarao



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