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Indian Pediatrics December 1973; Volume 10: Number 12

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents

Keynote address for symposium on “Delivery of Health Care to Children in India” on 10th Annual Conference of Indian Academy Of Pediatrics, Kanpur – January 1974 Policy strategy and planning of integrated child care programmes For rural areas                                                                691
H.W. Butt

Child legislation in India                          695
Seeta Sinclair and J.H. Shah

Hyaline membrane disease in the newborn                                                                                     701
Sultana Zakia, V.H. Talib, V.R. Kshirsagar, S.D. Patil, M.S. Deshpande
and K.D. Sharma

Role of foetomaternal haemorrhage in the causation of anaemia in the newborn infant         707
Randhir K. Saini, B.N.S. Walia and A. Prakash

Congenital Gastrointestinal tract anomalies               711
K. Someshwar Rao, V. Sudhakar Rao, T.V. Madhusudhana Murty, G.S. Marar and Y.R. Reddi

Management of an abdominal mass in infants under one year of age                                                    717
M. Rohatgi and R.K. Kashyap

Fasciolopsis buski infestation in children                                   721
P.M. Shah, P.M. Udani, P.V. Manjarumkar, P.A. Naik

A comparative clinical study with ethacridine lactate and a combination of chloramphenicol/streptomycin in the treatment of diarrhoea          725
B. Bhandari, M.L. Agarwal, J.L. Punglia

Malignancy in infancy and childhood                              729
V.K. Pratap, S.N. Singh, Sheila Singh, B.M. Agarwal, P.C. Jain

Traumatic porencephaly with growing skull fracture – a case report                          735
D. Raja Reddy, K. Sathyanarana

Venous cut down in children                    739
H.P. Swarnkar, B.P. Kalani and K.C. Sogani

Acute intermittent porphyria                 743
Shyam Raj, Y.R. Reddi and S. Laxman, G. Thsuma and V. Sudhakar Rao

Laryngotracheomalacia with pierre-robin syndrome                   747
Asha R. Khanna, Meharban Singh and B.M. Abrol

Letter to Editor

Scabies eradication: National Policy Needed                       749
K.P.B. Nair



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