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Indian Pediatrics April 1973; Volume 10: Number 4

Editor: O.P. Ghai

Table of Contents


Instructional objectives for trailing in Pediatrics A Paradigm                                                   199
O.P. Ghai

Undergraduate teaching and general practice                                                                                   203
K.K. Kaul

Original Articles:

Neonatal thoracic surgical emergencies                  207
D.K. Guha and A. Rashmi

Pulmonary functions in relation to acid-base equilibrium in children with congestive heart failure: Pathophysiological Consideration and Therupetic complications.                        219
Amrit M. Berry, S.K. Jain, Mohinder K. Thapar, Shantha Madhavan and Shyamal K. Sanyal

Influence of malnutrition on skeletal maturation of hands and wrists in children    227        
K. Indira Bai, C. Ramamohan, M.V. G. Subrmanyam and K.V. Subba Rao

Dietary and feeding habits of infants in various socio-economic groups                                                233
N.R. Bhandari and G.P. Patel

Evaluation of hearing in the newborn                                                                                                    239
Psragna M. Pai and N.s. Tibrewala

Working of a short stay unit in an outpatient department                                                            241
M. Nagaraj Rao, S. Raj and V.Y. Reddi

Phenylketonuria in Tamilnadu Children (South India)                                                                    245
G.E. Joshua, N.N. Gopalan and A.N. Radhakrishnan

The Radiographic measurements of skull in the first five years of life                                    253
K. Indira Bai, C. Ramamohan, K.V. Subba Rao and M.V.G. Subramanyam

Hepatoblastoma in children                                                                                                                       259
R.K. Gandhi, S.S. Deshmukh and R.A. Bhalerao

Renal amyloidosis in a child following chronic osteomyelitis                                                     263
S. Bakshi, C.M.Mahajan, S. Mehta and C.K. Bannerjee

Letters to editor                                                      271

Administrative set up for child health services: K.K. Kaul

Tetracyclin drops: K.P.B. Nair

Smallpox  vaccination in Newborn: Y.J. Vasavada

Priority for measles vaccine: K.J. Vyas



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