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Indian Pediatrics May 1972; Volume 9: Number 5

Editor: P.N. Taneja

Table of Contents

Planning of Families: Challenge to Pediatrician’s Leadership                                         235
Editorial: P.M. Shah

Social, Economic, Dietary and Medical Factors in Nutrition Rehabilitation                   238
William A.M. Cutting and Margo: McL. Cutting

ABO Haemolytic disease – An important cause of neonatal morbidity                           246
Malati Jadhav and L.V. Devarajan

Problems with oral poliovaccine in India                                                                            252
T. Jacob John

Serum Mucoprotein (Tyrosine) in Protein calorie malnutrition                                       257
S.D. Singh, A. Bhargava, B.C. Chhaparwal, S. Mehta and A.T. Dabke

Cerebrospinal fluid Glutamic Oxalacetic Transaminase in neurological disorders        261
S.V.R. Reddy, G. Sundara Rao and C. Syamala

Physical growth and complications following measles in an urban community, Bombay    265
T.E. Bivigi, P.M. Shah and P.M. Udani

Status of children of pulmonary tuberculous patients                                                       269
M.L. Mehrotra, D.C. Pande, G.K. Chaube, S.K. Das, S.K. Mathur and P.C. Pant

Blood transfusion reactions in children                                                                              271
A.K. Sidhu, O.N. Bhakoo, J.G. Jolly and B.N.S. Walia

Primary Hyperoxaluria – A case report                                                                             279
Y.B. Talwalkar, K.V. Vaidya and Piloo E. Bharucha

Physical growth and development of pre-term children during first Five years of life                     282
S. Shiddaye, P.M. Shah & P.M. Udani

Infant feeding habits in Surat City                               290
(South Gujarat)

M.J. Mehta, R.G. Pawar and U.N. Betkerur

Indian childhood cirrhosis (ICC) A cytochemical study of hepatic hyaline                     294
V.P. Agarwal, K.N. Sachdev, V.K. Chaudhary


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