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Indian Pediatrics January 1972; Volume 9: Number 1

Editor: P.N. Taneja

Table of Contents

Editorial: Young Child Weight Card – W.A.M. Cutting                                                          1

Total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage – Its clinical presentation in 20 documented cases    3
I.P. Sukumar, G. Cherian, J. Masilamani, S.C. Munsi, S. Krishnaswami, J.D. McArthur, B.S. Bhati and S. John

Congenital complete heart block in infancy:  K.K. Jain and P.K. Chopra                         12

Caeliac disease : B.N.S. Walia, S. Mehta and S.P. Gupte                                                      16

Serum mucoproteins in Indian childhood cirrhosis and infective hepatitis                     20
S.N. Bhoraskar, S.D. Singh, P.S. Thakore and J.N. Pohowalla

Artificial hibernation with lytic cocktail in the management of peripheral failure due to scorpion sting   23
B.R. Santhanakrishnan, N. Sundaravalli and V. Balagopal Raju

Bilateral exploration in children with unilateral inguinal hernia                          26
B.P. Kalani and K.C. Sogani

A Child Health weight card modified for India: W.A.M. Cutting                                      29

Labial adhesion in children:  R.N. Nag                  33

Activities of Madhya Pradesh Branch – Indian Academy of Pediatrics                          35

Atraumatic bilateral habitual dislocation in cerebral palsy                           36
A Mukherjee, K. Natarajan and S.K. Varma

Clinico Pathological Conference                                    37

Hepato Lenticular degeneration (Wilson’s disease)                           40
K.K. Jain, P.K. Chopra and A. Chatterjee

Triad Syndrome: S. Agarwal                            43

Post-traumatic internal hydrocephalus: Raja Reddy                      45

Progressive systemic sclerosis (Scleroderma): B. Edibam                47

Multiple ‘Isoniazid cysts’ in a child with chronic pulmonary tuberculosis                      49
Armida Fernandez, M.D. Shah and R.J. Buhariwalia

Chylous mesenteric cyst: S. Agarwal, S. Talwar and M. Reys                             51

Important Information                       53

Preparation of Manuscripts (Instructions to authors)                                     54

Information for Advertisers Authors                      55


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