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Indian Pediatrics February 1972; Volume 9: Number 2

Editor: P.N. Taneja

Table of Contents

Allergy in childhood                                            
: Shanta Kurup

Reversible neurological changes in malnutrition                              60
B.D. Patel, M.K. Jain, Y.K. Amdekar, A.G. Desai, N.A. Mankodi,
U.G. Patel and B.S. Singhal

Evaluation of Betamethasone and Isoniazid along with chloramphenicol in the management of whooping cough                                     70
Harish Chandra, C. Subhankar Rao, Sheila Karan and Y.C. Mathur

Urinary aminograms in normal infants and children                            75
P.S. Dhatt and H.L. Gupta

Evaluation of Plasma aminograms in assessment of nutritional status of mothers and newborns with special reference to low birth weight babies             79
A.S. Chikermane, U.N. Betkerur, Y.J. Vasavda, P.T. Acharya and A.R. Mehta

Purpuras in childhood                                    85
Amarjeet Singh Sethi and O.P. Ghai

A study of haematological values in newborns                              90
M.A.R. Siddiqui, H. Saxena and J.R. Srivastava

Some observations on low birth weight babies during first year                                      95
N.D. Datta Banik, Sushila Nayar, R. Krishna, Lila Raj and A.D. Taskar

Incidence and causes of perinatal mortality at the Institute of Child health, Niloufer Hospital, Hyderabad (A.P.).                                                           99
Sheila Karan, Bhagwan Prasad Mathur, Y.A. Surainder and T. Seetha

Small-Pox vaccination in newborn                               107
A.B. Desai and D.M. Shah

Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase deficiency                                              110
K.K. Jain and P.K. Chopra

E (17-18) Trisomy syndrome: Review and report of a case                        114
V. Kaushal and K.C. Das

Cystinosis                                             117
B. Edibam


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