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Indian Pediatrics June 1971; Volume 8: Number 6

Editor: P.N. Taneja

Table of Contents

Fallots physiology                                                                                                                
Editorial: Raj Tandon

Transient symptomatic neonatal hypoglycemia                                                                 231
J.P. Veldman, N.J. Lavengare and A. Mohan Rao

The prevalence of intestinal parasitism and its relation to Diarrhea in children                           237
T. Jacob John, Edward Montgomery and P. Jayabal

B.C.G. test in tuberculosis                                                                                                    243
P.M. Udani, Usha C. Parekh, P.M. Shah and P.A. Naik

Prognostic features of encephalitis                                                                                      251
S.K. Dikshit and G.P. Katiyar

Granulomatous hepatitis in the diagnosis of tuberculosis                                                 257
Seeta Sinclair, S.K. Mittal, O.P. Ghai and N.C. Nayak

A report of the working of a Well Baby Clinic                                                                  266
Arun T. Phatak and S.B. Shah

Mile-stones in lower socio-economic group                                                             276
W.K. Kandeth, Lakshmi Sonnad and V.B. Athavale

Changes in skull associated with cyanotic heart disease                                                    284
V.N. Ingle and V.B. Mali

Some epidemiological aspects of tuberculous disease and Infection in pediatric age group in a rural community                                                      286
G.D. Gothi, S.S. Nair and Pyarelal

Rickets in protein calorie malnutrition                                                                             295
A.K. Pramanik, S. Gupta and P.S. Agarwal

Congenital astrocytoma                                                                                                        300
M.V. Subramanian, D. Raja Reddy, V. Prabhakar and B. Dayananda Rao

Academy News                                                                                                                      302

Pericardiectomy in a child                                                                                                    303
N.K. Anand, J.L. Braudo, S.K. Brockman


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