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Indian Pediatrics July 1971; Volume 8: Number 7

Editor: P.N. Taneja

Table of Contents

Why early diagnosis                                                                                                             
: Gopal Sharan 

Indian Childhood cirrhosis: Commentary                                                              307
O.P. Ghai       

Plasma Zinc Concentration in Indian Childhood Cirrhosis                                              309
O.P. Ghai and K. Vasuki

Developmental Pattern in children of lower socio-economic group below 5 years of age         313
V. B. Athavale, W.K. Kandoth and Lakshmi Sonnad

Anthropometric criteria for assessing prematurity by gestation                                      321
Lalita Tandon, S.P. Gupta and S.K. Dikshit

Physical growth in first five years                                                                                       331
V. Khurana, K.N. Agarwal, A.H. Manwani and G. Srivastava

Phenotypic overlapping of autosomal trisomy syndromes and its significance                                       336
S. Balakrishnan, R.K. Puri and Indira Bhargava

Some observations on sweat test by Pilocarpine Iontophoresis                                         342
L.S. Prasad, K.P. Sinha and A. Rehman

Antibiotics in Pertussis                                                                                                          345
V.B. Lele, V.R. Bapat and S.M. Merchant

Pattern of anemias in childhood                                                                                          350
U.N. Betkerur, D.S. Shah, P.K Billur and S.H. Shah

A study of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis in childhood                                                  355
Shyam Raj, Sheila Karan, Y.R. Reddi and Harish Chandra

Gastroschisis                                                                                                                          359
K.S. Kochhar, Amarjit Singh and N.S. Aneja

Acrodermatitis Enteropathica                                                                                             361
P. Yesudian


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