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Indian Pediatrics February 1971; Volume 8: Number 2

Editor: P.N. Taneja

Table of Contents

Pre-school child                                                                                                                     51

: B.N.S. Walia

Presidential address                                                                                                              55
S.M. Merchant

Inaugural Address                                                                                                                59
D. Jaganatha Reddy

Infantile tremor syndrome probable etiology                                                                  62
P.K. Mishra, P.N. Tandon and P.C. Bajpai

Broxyquinoline and Brobenzoxaldine with Belladobnna in childhood diarrhoeas                          65
Mira Mazumdar and Harish Mazumdar

Measles in well nourished children                                              68
Thomas Mathews, Malati Jadhav and T. Jacob John

A survey of nursery schools in Baroda                                                                               71
S.B. Shah, A.S. Chickermane and S.H. Shah

Neuroblastoma in the new born                                                                                          74
Meenakshi N. Mehta and R.J. Buhariwalla

Cruveilhier-Baumgarten syndrome with duodenal ulcer                                                  76
J.V. Khatri and S.M. Merchant

Testicular feminizing syndrome                                                                                           80
Ishwar C. Verma and P. Upadhyaya

Precocity precox with unilateral interstitial cell tumor of testes                                        82
Dev Agarwal, D.B. Sharma and Shanti Ghosh



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