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Indian Pediatrics October 1970; Volume 7: Number 10

Editor: P.N. Taneja

Table of Contents

Pediatric Radiology: Yes or No?                                                                                        
Editorial: Sisir K. Bose                                                                                                          

Evaluation of B.C.G. Vaccination in Children Below Six Years                                      532
V.B. Raju and R. Narmada

Analysis and Assessment of Premature Live Births on Gestational Age and Birth Weight             542
D.K. Guha, Arun Rashmi, M. Kochhar

Acute Viral Menigo Encephalitis                                                                                         547
V.B. Athavale, N.N. Desai, W.K.K. Kandoth and R.R. Aiyar

Some Factors in Perinatal Mortality                                                                                   557
Amla Rama Rao 

Morbidity and Mortality in Children                                                                                  563
S. Gupta and K.S. Krishnamoorthy

Serum Proteins Electrophoresis in Liver Diseases                                                 571
Y.R. Sachdev, Harish Chandra and Y.C. Mathur

Myotonic Syndromes                                                                                                            579
U.N. Betkerur, Vikram H. Chhaya, S.H. Shah 

Disseminated Cryptococcosis                                                                                               586
Amrit M. Bery, H.M.K. Saxena and Sarla Vaishnava


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