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Indian Pediatrics June 1970; Volume 7: Number 6

Editor: P.N. Taneja

Table of Contents

Dr. S.T. Achar

: V.B. Raju                                                                                                                 299

Experimentally induced myopathy in chick and its comparison with muscular dystrophy in children
Narayana, S. Das, P.K. Duraiswami and S. Sriramachari                                              302

Nutritional status of rural preschool children around Jabalpur-I Anthropometric observations
Arun K. Srivasiva, R.K. Tuluja and K.K. Kaul                                                                      

Immunochemical studies in nephrotic syndrome           323
R.K. Chandra

Serum electrolyte, renal function and blood volume alterations associated with congestive heart failure in children
Shymal Kumar Sanyal, Kalyani Ghosh, Renuka Nigam, Debroto Sarkar and Shanta Madhavan

A study of gestational age and birth weight
Y.A. Surainder, Sri Krishna Prasad and V. Hymavathy

Brain weight ad head circumference in fetus, infant and children of different nutritional and socio-economic groups
Usha C. Parekh, Asha Pherwani, P.M. Udani and S. Mukherjee

Reminiscences of late Professor S.T. Achar                                                                       359
Charles A Janeway
Thomas Stapleton
William B. Macdonald
K.C. Chaudhuri
G. Coelho
K.S. Sanjivi
A.N.K. Menon
P. Tirumala Rao
K.N. Rao


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