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Indian Pediatrics January 1970; Volume 7: Number 1

Editor: P.N. Taneja

Table of Contents


About US                                                        xv


Inaugural Address                              1
Shri K.K. Shah

Presidential Address                                           4
J.N. Pohowalla

Pediatric Education – S.C. Sheth Oration                               8
P.N. Wahi

Anaemia in Protein Calorie Malnutrition                            18
Gupte, S.P.; Mehta, S. and Walia, B.N.S.

A Study of Stillbirths                                  24
Majumdar, G.R.; Pathak, A.T. and Shah, S.H.

Serum and C.S.F. Magnesium in Malnutrition in Children                             30
Sepaha, H.C.; Chhaperwal, B.C. and Pohowalla, J.N.

Causes of Death in Low Birth Weight Babies                                35
Anand, S. Paul, S.S..; Sharad Kumar and Bhatia, S.L.

Intracellular Magnesium in Malnutrition                                    41
Bajpai, P.C.; Sharma, N.L.; Sethi, V.K. and Verma, A.K.

Massive Pulmonary haemorrhage in the New born                                            46
Bhargava, S.K.; Sharma, B.D.; Saxena, H.M.K. and Ghosh, S.

Follow up of Nephrobiopsied Nephrotics on “Alternate Day” Steroids                          49
Bajaj, P.; Vaishnava, S. and Dewan, M.

Urinary Excertion of Hydroxyproline and Creatinine in Malnutrition                      54
Prasad, L.S. and Rahman, A.

Toast for Ladies                      57
Rao, P.T.

Phenyl Ketonuria – Report of a Case                                            58
Rao, B.S.S.R.; Narayanan, H.S. and Natraj, C.L.

Preparation of Manuscripts and Instructions to Authors                                     61

Business Information                                                                                                            63

Academy News                                                                                                            4th cover


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