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Indian Pediatrics February 1970; Volume 7: Number 2

Editor: P.N. Taneja

Table of Contents

Oral Attenuated poliovirus Vaccine                                                                                   
: Om P. Ghai                                                                                                            65

The Significance of Examination of the placenta in the evaluation of the new-born infant
Sajor Saigal and J.R. Srivastava                                                                                             68

Antibody response to oral Polio Vaccine in infancy                                                         
Shanti Ghosh, Sudarshan Kumari S. Balaya and S.K. Bhargava                                

Some observations on oral bacteriology in the neonates during first twenty four hours of life
G.P. Mathur, Ashok Bal, Sarla Mathur, & B.N. Das Gupta                                                   82

Incidence and nature of urinary tract infections among asymptomatic Primary School children
A.K. Bhagat; S.S. Chouhan and K.K. Kaul                                                                            87

Cranium bifidum with meningoencephalocele
S.K. Bandi and M.K. Chandel                          91

Skeletal growth in school children
S. Sharet, P.C. Khanduja, K.N. Agarwal, M.M. Saha,
S. Gupta and O.P. Bhardwaj                               

Composition of the brain in human fetuses
Chatterjee, K.K. Mehrotra, G.K., Day, A.K., and Mukherjee, K.L.                                            

Pattern of Primary Dentition  
Derasari, A.J.                                                           

Thalassemia Hemoglobin E diseases
S. Laxman, Youraj, Chandra Mathur and Harish Chandra                                                    124

Evaluation of a new Anti-diarrhoeal drug (Lomotil)
Harish Chandra, T.P. Raghvan and Mohd. Ismail 

Dentition pattern & prevalence of dental caries
Mathew, O., Eipe, G., Joseph, J and Koshi, J.                       131


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