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Book Review

Indian Pediatrics 2004; 41:977

Practical Guidelines on Fluid Therapy


Practical Guidelines on Fluid Therapy: Dr. Sanjay Pandya, First Edition: 2002, Pages 325, Price Rs. 195/- .

Practical Guidelines on Fluid Therapy by Dr. Sanjay Pandya, is an excellent comprehensive book on management of fluid therapy. It is a reader friendly book with very good quality printing, font size, line spacing and reasonable price tag.

Basic Physiology is very well covered by him. Disorders of fluid & electrolytes in various conditions have been well highlighted. Details of the Pharmacology of IV fluids, especially the charts showing characteristics of IV fluids, methods of calculating the rate of fluid infusion provide good guidelines for practical management.

It is an adult oriented book with lesser emphasis on pediatrics aspects. Approach to diagnosis and management of Acid-Base disorders is very well covered. It is strongly recommended for Physicians, Pediatricians, Surgeons and medical students.

Satish B. Deopujari,
Consultant Pediatrician & Intensivist,
Shree Nursing Home,
15/3 Dr. N. B. Khare Road, Dhantoli,
Nagpur 440010, India.

Clinical Evaluation of Newborn, Infants and Children

Clinical Evaluation of Newborn, Infants and Children:
Editor S Sushma Bai, Panicker Publications, Kerala, India, First edition, 2002, Pp 1-294, Price: Rs. 215/-.

Books available on clinical examination of a newborn and children written by authors from India are few. There is also a need for Indian reference values and norms which are difficult to get from one source. The present book written by Dr. Sushama Bai who is an eminent pediatrician has made an effort to bridge the gaps which are there at present.

The book deals with examination of newborn, infant and older child and is divided into different sections, for easy reference. Part-l deals with art of history taking, examination, assessment of growth and development. Part- 2 focuses on examination of newborn and part- 3 focuses on systemic examination and communication skills. In fact chapter on "How to Communicate" is just appropriate and nicely written and aims at improving the communication of the pediatrician. The various reference values, indices with their interpretation have been lucidly explained.

This publication has a practical common-sense approach and I am sure will be a valuable reading for undergraduates, postgraduates and physicians practicing pediatrics.

Harish Chellani,
Senior Pediatrician ,
Vardhman Mahavir Medical College,
Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, India.
E-mail: manjuc@vsnl.com



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