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Letters to the Editor

Indian Pediatrics 2002; 39:983


Dr. Alexander’s observation of "mistaken impression that the first dose of HBV given at 6 weeks or at birth as equally acceptable" is not true. There is no mention anywhere in the Guide Book that first dose given at 6 weeks is equally effective as given within 24 hours of birth. On the contrary, it is very clearly mentioned that if first dose is not given at birth, perinatal transmission can not be prevented. Therefore, it is not a true statement and no one should misinterpret the schedule and read properly the footnotes.

However, since 6,10,14 weeks schedule has been mentioned with stroke after 0,6 and 14 weeks, in the next edition, the IAP is changing the format and bringing 6,10 and 14 weeks in the footnote which would possibly clarify the issue.

A.K. Dutta,

Convener, IAP Committee on Immunization,

Department of Pediatrics,

Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital,

New Delhi 110 001, India.

E-mail: duttaak@vsnl.net



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